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Mystery 101: An Education in Murder 2020
6.5 of 28

Mystery 101: An Education in Murder

HD 7.40 na min
Following her father Graham Winslow doing a public reading from the just released The Waving Flame, the latest in his successful Atticus Keller novel series, Elmstead College Literature Department chair Amy Winslow, a crime fiction specialist, and Garrison PD Detective Travis Burke, the two who have not only worked together on cases but have developed yet largely unspoken feelings for each other, are planning on going on their first date. The reading will be held at the bookstore run by Amy's former student Blake Newman, who dropped out of the Ph.D. program to focus on writing, he proud to announce to Amy he just having received his first publishing deal. Concurrently, Amy agrees to speak to young, aspiring writer Ella Quincy, who is doing research on a possible non-fiction book concerning Amy's former Elmstead College Literature Department colleagues Evan "Mac" McKinnon and Nicole Ford, he currently serving a thirty year sentence for her murder. The motive was purportedly over the pressure on Mac, a Twain scholar, to publish as he was under consideration for tenure, Nicole who discovered what looked to be an early draft of Huckleberry Finn, having access to such which would have solidified his position regardless of the fact that the manuscript was later proved to be a fake. The conviction seems to have ruined his marriage, his physical therapist wife, Linda McKinnon, who has not visited him the two years he has been behind bars. Conversely, Nicole was already on the verge of divorce from her husband, therapist Dr. Dwight Merrill, who has never shown any grief in her death. Mac has always professed his innocence, Ella also implies she has information which she won't yet divulge as to his innocence, while Amy, just knowing Mac as she did and does, has also always believed he innocent despite the overwhelming evidence which led to his conviction. Travis' now retired predecessor, Howard Clausen, who worked on the case, does not take too kindly to especially Amy poking her nose in what he sees as a good conviction, Amy's position which places Travis in a difficult position. Regardless, Travis has no choice but to get involved when Amy's safety in the process becomes an issue. The keys to who was behind Nicole's murder may be hidden in two manuscripts, one published and one not, and a five year old cold case.


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